On December 12, 2018, the population of the small village of Ranja in Haiti experienced an important moment in the life of the community. It was the blessing and inauguration of the much desired and expected multipurpose center. In fact, after Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, the chapel that also served as a meeting place of the people was destroyed by the said hurricane.

        At the request of the community, CADIS decided to consider it as a priority, the reconstruction of this structure not only as a chapel but as a multi-purpose center for training, worship, and social activities as well as an evacuation center in case of disaster. Thanks to the support of the Italian Episcopal Conference, the project has become a reality. After three months of construction, the center was blessed and turnover to the community of Ranja in the presence of Mons. Joseph Gontrand Decoste, the bishop of Jeremie, Bro. Jose Ignacio Santaolalla, the president of CADIS foundation, the Camillians of Haïti, and the community.

        During the ceremony, Mons. Decoste expressed his profound gratitude to the Camillian religious and in particular to the CADIS foundation.

        He said: “In the heart of our suffering after Hurricane Matthew, amid the desolation of the affected population, the CADIS foundation whom I didn’t know before came to give hope to the community of Ranja with so many accomplishments such as potable water system, agricultural training and support and this multipurpose center that can be used as a chapel, a meeting and training place and also as a safe place in case of disaster. In the name of the community, I sincerely thank CADIS, and I hope that the collaboration will not stop.”

        After the rite of blessing, Mr. Roland Lindor, representative of the Ranja community, thanked God for the author of everything and the CADIS foundation that accompanies them on their journey to resilience after Hurricane Matthew through the realization of many works including this multipurpose center. He ended by invoking God's blessing to the Camillian religious and especially to CADIS foundation, which he hopes will always be by their side to carry out other projects.

        Brother Jose Ignacio, the president of CADIS Foundation, also expressed the joy in behalf of the Camillians to the changes taking place in Ranja since the beginning of the project up to the present. He stressed that the result of all this lies in the way CADIS intervenes, which does not consist solely in giving something but in accompanying the community in its reconstruction. He finished by thanking the bishop and all the stakeholders involved in carrying out the project activities and inviting them to commit themselves more to the achievement of the objectives. The morning ended with a little refreshment in a festive atmosphere between dances and smiles.

        During this visit, we met a serene community, happy with the various activities already completed and ready to commit to achieving the goals of the project that will terminate at the end of this year 2019.