As the Covid-19 emergency spread globally, CADIS International has engaged in post-Covid projects in several countries to increase resilience in communities affected by the pandemic. Despite the continued spread of the virus and government restrictions to contain the contagion, CADIS local country partners continued to prepare for the new interventions.

In Kenya, as part of the local government requirements, CADIS Kenya has secured the necessary permits to start implementing the post-Covid 19 Baringo project. The team has started drilling the borewell.

The resilience project started in May 2021 in a semi-arid county of Baringo South, affected mostly by climate change.

The objective is to provide 200 farmers with knowledge and skills for sustainable agriculture to improve crop productivity and increase access to water. Applying the acquired technical skills would increase productivity and, thus, family income. It will also contribute to improving the food supply in the market. At the end of this project, it is expected to decrease malnutrition and hunger by 20% in Baringo south.

Despite delays in the authorization to proceed, restrictions due to new peaks of contagion, and the adaptation of project objectives to unique needs, CADIS Kenya is carrying out the intervention with great dedication and determination. The community of Baringo South is still one of the most vulnerable and, consequently, among the most in need of timely help.

All our energy and resources will always be directed towards the most vulnerable.
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