On February 24, Russia announced "special military operations" on Ukraine. Russian forces begin missile and artillery attacks, striking major Ukrainian cities. As heavy fighting continues, reports of civilian casualties and civilian infrastructure damage increase. The human cost of violence is becoming more apparent with each passing day.

Sensitive to the plight of war refugees, the Camillian Province of Poland has promptly organized two significant emergency responses in anticipation of the influx of Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian families to the cities of Poland.
The project will be implemented in Poland, in the Masovian Province, in the town of Buraków. Due to the armed conflict, almost 2 million war refugees, mainly women, children and the elderly, have been sent to Poland. A significant part of the refugees ends up in large urban centers, where there is not enough space for them. Buraków is located in the immediate neighborhood of Warsaw, the capital of Poland, where more refugees keep arriving.
It is necessary to incur expenditures for the adaptation of the seminar and raising funds for the day-to-day maintenance of refugees staying there.
In addition, at Tarnowskie Góry in the Camillian parish, they are organizing psychosocial support activities for children refugees.

CADIS International, in collaboration with other Camillian and non-Camillian organizations, supports the emergency response to the Ukrainian crisis by the Camillian Province of Poland.

The poject want to provide:
1.Temporary shelter and the help in finding a new apartment, a new job and independent life to 50-55 Ukrainian refugees, especially families with children and elderly;
2. The provision of necessary medical, psychological and legal care;
3. Activities for children, Polish classes and psychosocial support. 
The temporary social housing project takes place in the house for Camillians students in Lomianki-Burakow, Poland. 
The estimated duration is 36 months, but due to the escalation of the conflict it is difficult to predict with certainty.