In October 2021, CADIS International and Camillian Task Force (CTF) India promptly responded to the flood emergency in Kerala, India. This area witnessed high-intensity floods due to the incessant rains over three months.

For nearly two weeks, CTF India and lay volunteers have been working to help people clean up mud in damaged homes, recover belongings, and provide assistance and support for those in the relief camps.

During the disastrous event, more than 200 houses were washed away in the flash flood caused by landslides, and many other houses were partially damaged.

We asked for support to help the local team in the intervention, and the response was prompt and warm. The government, various religious groups, youth movements, and NGOs were actively involved in helping the people to mitigate its impact.

The medical team has also visited the camps regularly to distribute the necessary medicines, clothes for men, women, and children, and other medical interventions according to the needs of the people.

For sure, the cleaning of the houses was the most challenging mission as most of the houses were filled with mud and dirty items. But with the help of local volunteers, many houses, shops, roads, and halls were restored and ready to reopen.

CTF India has faced many challenges regarding: accessibility to the affected areas, COVID-19 restrictions, lack of volunteers.

From this emergency intervention, we can deduct several reflections. October and November were catastrophic due to flooding. Many people lost their houses, land, and livelihood. As many people are in financial crisis and unable to find the daily means, this intervention has helped people meet their daily needs. Even though they have been given all the facilities, once the hype of this issue goes down, the people in the area will lack resources like food, shelter, and clothing. Reconstruction of houses and buying land for those who lost property are the primary concern of the people there.

As we move on, let’s pray and hope that the devastating natural calamities come to an end soon. 

We take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Rev. Fr. Aristelo Miranda and CADIS International Team for their timely financial assistance and constant encouragement for this Kerala Flood Mission 2021.

Fr. Baby Ellickal
National Director
Camillian Task Force