It has been nine months since Typhoon Odette hit the Philippines hard
Early emergency response coordinated by CADIS was instrumental in helping local people in Bohol and Negros. Through the field action of Society of ex-Camillian Seminarians Inc. (SeCSI Bohol) and the Negros Ex-Camillian CTF Unit Team, basic necessities, clothes and medicines were distributed. The most vulnerable people were personally assisted and the cleanup and restoration of homes went on for a long time.
Also, there was no shortage of spiritual and psychosocial support, which was crucial in helping people not to lose heart but to be resilient.

In recent days, new activities have rekindled the hope of the people who have never been left alone. In a statement released by the Camillians in the Philippines, the celebration for the Season of Creation 2022 has brought new light to the population.

SECSI, PJC and Camillian Task Force Philippines turn over of Pump-boats in Tubigon, Bohol

Season of Creation 2022: Listening to the voice of creation
Since Typhoon Odette (international name: Rai) devastated Bohol and other parts of the country with lives, homes and livelihood destroyed and gone—the cry of the earth and the poor can be heard out loud.
As a response, we distributed small solar lamps for each family for them to have light after the devastation because it took months for electricity to be back. In the island, there is no electricity and most of them rely on natural sources.
The 49 families (175 population) landless and low-income dwellers in a coastal community of Inanuran island, Brgy Matabao, Tubigon, Bohol whose lives depend mostly on fishing were greatly affected, no electricity makes work more tedious and burdensome.
It is in this light that the Camillian Task Force Philippines with the Society of Ex- Camillian Seminarians and the Parish of St. John of the Cross, started putting our efforts together to establish and develop pump-boats for families in Inanuran Island.
Through the help of local donors, CADIS international, CADIS taiwan and Sydney, we do not only give small solar lamps but LIGHTS aid HOPE. With everyone's efforts and prayers 14 pump-boats was turned over to more than 22 families is the island.
Seeing the pump-boats they are used in fishing( livelihood) but they are also used in transporting students to go the school everyday, transporting goods ( dried fish) from the island to main Brgy area for trade, a source of community bonding as they build their lives IN FAITH and make themselves more resilient and self sustaining.
Are these not the FLASHING LIGHTS OF HOPE?
Are these not the CONCRETE ACTS of LOVE for God and community?
Are these not pathways of journeying together in ONE FAITH?

Thank you to everyone. Our journey with Inanuran continues.
To SECSI, CADIS Int/Tai/Syd, local partners and donors and to all Camillians
Maraming Salamat po


Concret help has arrived also with the distribution, coordinated by Bohol Society of Ex Camillian Seminarians, of "13 pumpboats with 13 HP engines to fishermen families of Inanuran Island off Matabao Tubigon, Bohol. These families lost their boats during the height of the typhoon Odette which lashed out and washed the homes of these people" as reported by Rey Anthony H. Chiu. 

The turn over of disaster assistance by CADIS International and the Camillian Task Force Philippines started with a Holy Mass at the devastated island Chapel officiated by Rev Fr. Roy Reambonanza and co-celebrated by Rev Fr. Dan Cancino, MI and the Korean Camillian brother Yaoming. 

Fr Dan Cancino, MI bared his inspirational message thanking the Boholano Camillians at Help Bohol Secs who have devoted their lives to help with love, hope and faith which would last much longer than the visible tangible assistance. Inanuran has 42 families, 29 households and 170 residents.