We are excited to introduce a new dynamic LAYOUT, a new HEADING and one more LANGUAGE: from today the CrossOver is available also in SPANISH!

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"The world is at a crucial juncture where the need for environmental awareness and sustainable practices has never been more pressing. In an era marked by pressing environmental challenges, there is an urgent need for a cultural revolution inspired by ecological conversion principles and faith that transcend historical contexts. The key components to the success of the new cultural revolution through ecological conversion are grassroots movements and community engagement. CADIS defines it as community resilience building, the power of people's organizations and community development in promoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices."
Editorial by Fr. Aris Miranda, MI, CADIS Director

In this number you will find:

  • The report of the project to fight climate change in Cebu City, Philippines
  • CADIS yearend report and resource mobilization news
  • CADIS Brazil committment to the Laudato Si'
  • A reflection on St Camillus conversion
  • The moving interview to Fr. Roman from Poland

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