CADIS International is a foundation duly registered in Italy at the Prefecture of Rome as a non-profit organization. As a non-profit all its operations and services are for collective, public or social benefit.

The solidarity campaigns promoted by CADIS are fundamental sources of sustenance to our actions around the world. Thanks to the contributions of generous donors, we are able to implement emergency interventions and medium and long term resilience projects.

What does your donation to CADIS mean?
Transparency is among the most important principles of CADIS. We want every person to know exactly where your donation goes.

In case of emergency: CADIS collects donations that are sent directly to the places of intervention and used to purchase the basic necessities (food, blankets, tents, medicines according to the needs of the affected. CADIS supports the local economy, so where possible, we do not send goods directly, but we purchase locally to make sure that they reach the affected places easily and help the local economy.
In addition, contributions are used to organize relief teams and logisitcs (transportation, fuel, equipment, personnel) that travel to remote places. Each donation can truly make a difference in the lives of the individual, family and community to get through a time of emergency.

In the case of a long-term project: we assess, study and evaluate with the local partners to help the community build resilience during a natural or non-natural disaster. Locally, we assess the needs, prepare a detailed budget for both material and human resources, start the fundraising or look for grants to finance the project. With you on our side, we are able to sustain considerably simple or complex projects.

Behind every intervention, every social media post, every story shared, there are skilled people serving the affected communities. Behind every donation is the story of people who have the hope and certainty that they can live with dignity.Behind every donation is you and all of us, together.

It is not just a donation to a distant country on the other side of the world. It is a concrete help that results in the improvement of the communities assisted by CADIS, to make them self-reliant and resilient in case of disaster.
CADIS becomes your eyes and ears, which gives vitality to our communication channels on a regular basis to bring you to the frontline of our activities.

How can you accompany us in every moment of our response?

You can start a regular donation to the Emergency Fund or through the Wishraiser platform that rewards donors through weekly draws. You can alternatively make a single donation through Paypal or by bank transfer.
Find all the information HERE on the website or, contact us directly via telephone (+39 06899281) or email at 

All donations from Italy are tax deductible.

There is always a way to contribute to the betterment of the communities accompanied by CADIS. Thanks to you, we are able to reach even remote areas most affected by disasters often unreached by the government or international community.

What about you, are you with us?

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