The CrossOver n. 27 July - September is out!
In this number a special focus is dedicated to this Season of Creation 2022: the time to act for our common home in now!.

In this number you will find:

 - Season of Creation: reflections and actions
 - What is the current situation in Burkina Faso where CADIS has an ongoing project
 - The critical situation in Haiti and the hope for the future
 - CADIS emergency intervention in India hit by violent floods

"Science and religion are the handmaids of faith. The voice of creation has to be subjected to a deeper study and analysis in terms of its structure and behavior of the effect and impact of natural events (disasters). Science takes over this role and proposes solutions as well. However, while science may find a solution to our current social and ecological ills, religion will be needed actually to make that solution happen. Religion, as the handmaid of our faith/s, propels moral audacity in our response to ecological ills. Religion can weigh and evaluate our response's effectiveness by looking comprehensively into the various angles in the web of relationships (cause, effect, impact) of a particular phenomenon or a constellation of phenomena. Religion is the first to affirm the natural interconnectedness of everything in the world and the cosmos."

Fr Aris Miranda, MI, CADIS Director

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